Return of the Rushworth Lockup

Some of you may have noticed a new (old) building next to the court house in recent days. Well after much negotiation and planning over the last two years involving DELWP and Campaspe shire, the old police lock up which was originally from Rushworth has returned to its rightful place after being away for nearly 100 years. The story is that in 1915 a constable in the newly proclaimed Tongala requested a lockup, as at the time prisoners had to be taken to Kyabram to be imprisoned. Subsequently a spare lockup at Rushworth was sent to Tongala. (Which says something about Rushworth during that time in that they had two lockups for the troublesome Rushworth residents. So maybe by 1915 with the gold rush days the need for two lockups was excessive). The lockup was sent to Tongala in May 1915 and remained at the Tongala Police station until 2003 when the new police station was built. The Tongala Lions Club believing it was worth preservation, secured it from the police department and relocated it to the Golden Cow Dairy Centre in 2003. When the Golden Cow Dairy Centre closed it remained there until the story was told of its origin to the Court House Revival crew who have organszed it to be brought home to Rushworth. It is not in its original position as that would have been behind the old Rushworth Police station somewhere however its current place next to the courthouse should make it another great tourist attraction in Rushworth in addition to the court house when it gets up and running. Its nice to see a bit of Rushworth history returning to the town after 100 years.

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