Steam Traction Engines on Display

Rushworth holds a Market Day on the third Saturday morning of each month. The popular market features a large number of stalls to suit the needs of the many buyers who attend.
A special feature on market days {Weather Permitting} is the appearance of two over 100 year old steam traction engines which are unique and they can be seen steaming up High Street on market days.
They also feature in the Rushworth Easter Festival.
The Rushworth Wizard is a Fowlers Steam Traction engine built in Leeds, England in 1912 and has worked in the district all of its life, it was used hauling timber from the State forest and it was also used to move houses, it was last used to drive Risstroms Saw Mill before it was purchased by the Rushworth Historical society and it has been kept in a working condition since.
The other is a Burrell Steam Traction engine and it is locally Owned by John K a steam enthusiast he has it in working order it was made by Charles Burrell in Thetford England on 16th November 1905 then it was shipped out to Australia.
These two engines make a spectacle sight for young and old when they appear in the main street and many photos are taken of them steaming up the street. Other old machinery are also on display next to the market site and include Tractors and stationary engines for visitors to view.
The Museum is also open on Saturday mornings from 10.00am to 1.00pm, visitors are welcome, cost is a Gold coin Donation.
Anyone seeking more information can contact the Museum at Phone 58561583 or 58572352
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