Rushworth museum

The Rushworth Museum is situated in the 100 year old Mechanics Institute Building in High Street Rushworth and the museum is staffed by friendly unpaid volunteers.

Opening times for visitors are on Saturday 11am to 12pm and Sunday 11am to 3pm.

Visitors are welcome to enter and see the collection of many old items on display from the Rushworth district, the entry fee is just a gold coin donation.

Museum can be opened at other times by arrangement for bus groups and interested people.

Family and genealogy inquires are welcome. Note a Small surcharge applies for this service.

Postal address is Post Office Box 158 Rushworth 3612

Contact the Museum by email at

George Gemmill President Ph 58572352 or Secretary Joanne Pollard at 58561583.

The museum now has a face book page where you will see some photos of what the museum has on display to visit go to.

For sale we have recently received more copies of the much sort after book by Joyce Hammond History of the Waranga Basin.


History of The Waranga Basin   by Joyce Hammond at $15.00 Plus postage


History of The Waranga Basin   by Joyce Hammond at $18.00 Plus postage

This is an early history of the development of the Waranga Goldfields region which would later incorporate the Rushworth and Whroo townships.  Although the township of Waranga and many of the houses and properties which were once thriving family homes within the bounds of  land are now submerged beneath the waters of ‘Waranga Basin’,  many of the family names are still prominent in this area.

Joyce Hammond’s book is rich in photographs of the old homesteads and the prominent personalities who shaped the history of Rushworth and its environs.  Although this is not a large book, nor is it particularly ‘thick’ at only 48 pages, it’s well bound and for me at least, an historical ‘must have’.

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