Back to Rushworth 1928

The Rushworth Museum has recently received a donation of the old minute book which dates back to 1928, when over the Easter period there was a Back to Rushworth festival held..
It gives details of 18 months planning to organise the event which attracted over 500 people who returned to Rushworth for the Back To.
There was a special steam train hired and it left from Spencer Street station at 6, 15 Pm and did not arrive in Rushworth till after 11, 00 pm.
When it arrived in Rushworth the band played Welcome Home to the visitors.
Some of the many festivities included a concert, Grand ball, Sports days, trotting carnival, and a monster street parade. All of which were very well attended.
The Museum has for sale some badges which were specially made for the occasion and there is a limited number for sale for $10 each.
These badges are now 86 years old and are a much sort after collector item.
Photo attached with a Boomerang and Swallow symbolic of a speedy return to Rushworth.
Interested persons can email the webmaster at or phone 03 58572352

Easter 1928 back to Rushworth

Easter 1928 back to Rushworth

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