!00 Year Old Rushworth Mechanics Institute




The Mechanics Institute Building in High Street Rushworth was opened for use on the 28 th November 1913

The foundation Stone was laid by William Gunn ESQ on the  13 July 1913 the Builder was local builder Mr Dan Crothers and the Architect was Mr  A J Inches from Melbourne.( I wonder if he design more buildings ?)

 This new building replaced the old Mechanics Building build next door which had to be demolished  to make way for a new Railway line to be extended on from Rushworth out to Colbinabbin, Stanhope, and Girgarre

This grand old building has now served the people of Rushworth and District for 100 years and is still in first class condition.

Many Mechanics institutes were built in Victoria and are still standing see the web site at .http://home.vicnet.net.au/~mivic/#whats

Which will explain more about Mechanic Institutes very few remain today as most have closed but they would have been popular meeting and learning centres in their hay days before Radio TV and computers.

The Building today is now the Home for the Rushworth Museum since 1969.

Visitors are always welcome to view what the Museum has on display.

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