Burrell Steam Traction Engine



On Sunday afternoon the 6th October High Street Rushworth came alive with the sound of an old Burrell Steam Traction Engine.

Museum Member John K a steam enthusiast had decided to give his 107 year old Burrell steam traction engine a test run down High Street.

John stopped and parked outside the Museum and sounded its whistle this was a big attraction with the many visitors in the town, all had their cameras out taking photos and asking Questions which John was happy to answer.

A bush walking group called C A E X from Melbourne; they showed special interest as they had spent the weekend camped in the Whroo State Forest, where they went exploring the bush in search of the many wild flowers which are to be found there in spring time. They had also climbed Mount Black and visited the Museum.

More details, photos and the history of the Burrell steam Traction Engine will be in my next post.

 George Gemmill email address rushworthmuseum @hotmail.com  


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