Geyle Family Reunion

<The descents of William Cornish Geyle all gathered in Rushworth on the 21st of September 2013 for a Geyle Family Reunion, they also celebrated the 80th birthday of Leila Robinson.
The Rushworth Museum welcomed a large number of Geyle family members, who visited the museum, many having travelled from Queensland and others long distances to be in Rushworth for the weekend.
Local Historian Jeff (Chief) Perry was there to answer the many questions which were asked of him it is to be noted that in Rushworth there is a Geyle Reserve, and Geyle Street.
In 1865 in the Whroo Gold Rush years, William Cornish Geyle open up and was the part owner of the South Devon Mine and in 1868 he lost his life in a mine accident William was married and the father of 5 children when he lost his life.
His eldest son William Henry Geyle was the Waranga Shire secretary from 1887-1927 then his son Will Catterson Geyle took over from him and served as secretary from 1927-1960 this was a total of 73 years the position of Waranga shire secretary was held by the Geyle family father and son.
All the Geyle family members enjoyed their stay in Rushworth.
Family History inquiries are welcome at the Rushworth Museum.
To contact the Museum send emails to

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