Rushwort Museum

The holiday season attracts many visitors to the Rushworth district and there is a strong link with tourism and History. Many people inquire at the Museum about past relatives who once lived in the district and were buried in the Rushworth Cemetery.

Inquiries are welcome from people who are working on their family history.

At the Rushworth Museum visitors are welcome and for a Gold coin donation they can wander about and view over 4000 old item which are on display.

It is common to hear visitors say my “I remember my Mother used to have one of these “

Behind the Museum is a collection of old farming equipment, which had been used to harvest crops many years ago?

The shelter on the south side of the Museum, houses a restored horse drawn Coxan Wagon which was donated by the Brown Family.

This wagon once carted bagged grain into the wheat solo in Rushworth.

Across the road is the home of the 100 Year old Rushworth Wizard it is a Fowlers Steam Traction engine one of the very few which is still in working order left in Australia.

The Wizard is one of the leading attractions in the Rushworth Annual Easter Parade and is often seen driving up High street.

The Museum opening hours are Saturdays 10.00am to 12.00 Sunday 11.00 am until 3.00pm

Group Tours are welcome outside normal Hours by phoning one these 3 numbers to arrange an appointment.

President 58561454   Vice President 58572352 Secretary 58561063

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