Rushworth Citizens Band

Rushworth Citizens Band

Congratulation to the Rushworth Band for 130 years since they were formed and they have entertained local people over that time
Located in the Rushworth Museum is the old bands drum with some other very old musical instruments on display.

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  1. The Rushworth and District Concert Band recently celebrated 130 years since it was first formed, back in 1882. The band celebrated this milestone with a celebration concert in the Shire Hall on Sunday the 23rd October2012.

    Former band members were invited to attend and many travelled long distances to join in and share the day with current members. Many old stories were swapped on the day which was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

    Five long serving members were presented with life membership of the Band by bandmaster Geoff Bray.

    Stuart Nurse and Graham Collard have both played in the band for over 60 years, Darren Butler 32 years Graham Wakefield 30 years.

    A Posthumous life membership was also awarded to the late Geoff Beck who had been involved with the band and gave dedicated service for 69 years.

    On display in the Rushworth Museum are the original Old Base Drum and two old euphoniums plus an old uniform which was worn by the band members.

    Congratulations to the Band for entertaining the local community with music for the past 130 years and it is hope they continue many more years to come.

    So next times you are passing the Museum do call in and view these items.

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