The Rushworth Wizard

The Rushworth Wizard now has got a new set of boots

Our thanks go to our Graeme Howard for financing the cost to have this work carried out it is greatly appreciated by all members.

All the wheels had to be removed and sent down to a factory in Sunshine, Melbourne to have rubber vulcanized on them this now will enable the Wizard to be taken out on street parades.

The Wizard has also passed its boiler inspection with only some minor repairs needed doing before a certificate to operate was issued.

John and Brendon gave the Wizard, a test run down High Street on the 23rdSeptember.

As always the Wizard created a lot of interest with visitors taking many photos, children love to hear the steam whistle blown.

This was the same day many past residents returned, as the Rushworth Band held a reunion in the Shire Hall to celebrate 130 years, it has been entertaining the local community. Well done to all present and past members of the Band.

At the Museum there is a number of old band item on display so please call in and view the item which are on display.

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