Season Greetings

Rushworth and District Historical Society and Museum would like to wish all its loyal supporters and visitors,.
A Very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and Prosperous New Year.
Thanks to everyone who entered into the Christmas competition, this is the major annual fund raising effort for the Museum.
The winner First prize a  Sound System was won by Wendy Moylan of Rushworth .
Second Prize a Sports Bag was won by Colleen Draper of Rushworth .
Third Prize a clock radio was won by Cheryl Hoppner  of Rushworth.  
Photo of the very well preserved  Penny-farthing bicycle which was donated to the Museum by the Locke family.
Embossed  on the Frame are the  Letters BSA which stands for the Birmingham Small Arms a company who manufactured these bicycles in 1880.
The bicycle was once owned by Bert Locke a favorite Rushworth character who rode this  bike for many years at Carnivals and  wood days in Rushworth.
The bicycle  is placed on display [Weather Permitting } on the footpath in front of the Museum when the Museum is open,
and it is a wonderful exhibit and a interesting draw card  in attracting  visitors into the Museum.
So the next time you are  in Rushworth stop for a while and visit the Museum and view all the other exhibits which are on display.
  Looking forward to many visitors in 2010.
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