Museum Gardens

Situated beside the Museum building and the secure shed which houses a very well restored Coxan Wagon.
is the Museum,s Garden garden,This garden which has been designed and maintained by our curator Cheryl Macansh.
It comprises bush shrubs and other hardy plants,native to our locality,
Visitors alway pause while passing to admire the garden and view the historic bottle and crockery franments which form part of the garden and all having been artfully arranged by Cheryl.
Adding additional colour to the garden is a circular concrete table featuring a mosaic designed and applied by local artist Angie Russi.

The Coxan wagon is a one of many which were manfactured by the Coxan Company of Numurkah,this wagon was donated to the Museum by the Brown family. They used it for many years on their farm to cart farm produce to the railway.
The wagon was restored by the Shed program and now takes pride and place at the museum it is  a reminder of the way goods were transported before the event of the motor vehicle.
Next time you are passing by please pause for a while and view the Wagon and Garden.
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