Rushworth Museum AGM JUly 2009

The Rushworth Historical Society held its annual general meeting on the 4th of July, and a letter was received  from  John Fielden stating that owing to ill health and travel comments .
John stated he could no longer stay on as the  President of the Museum.
John had served for  many years as president and he has given the museum great leadership with the tasks that had presented while he was the president .
A election for  office bearers took place and the following members were elected.
Mike Wellington has now taken on the role of President  and he will be assisted by the following office bearers
Vice President George Gemmill,
Secretary Lorraine Rule
Assistant secretary Glenys Oliver.
Treasurer Heather Wellington.
Curator/ Gardner Cheryl Macansh.
Historian Jeff [Chief ] Perry.
Publicity Officer Cass Alexander.
Research Officers Rob and Rhonda Brien.
After the meeting President Mike thanked  John and presented him with a letter of appreciation for the many years of dedicated service  he had freely given to the Museum.
 John and his wife Beverley  will still remain  active committee members of the museum. 
The members wished them both all the best for the future .
New Members are always made most welcome, meetings take place at the Museum on the first Friday of each month at 10.00am
Annual membership will remains the same at $10.00 per year so come along and  join in the activities of the Rushworth Historical Society.
John Fielden
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