Japanese Students visit Museum

This is a copy of a letter the Rushworth Museum received from Mutsuko Yamaguchi [Mutchan] From Shiroi City office.

A group of 15 students, 2 teachers,Shiroi Rotary President and 3 others visited Rushworth Museum.They are on the exchange program with Kyabram Secondary College. Shiroi City is where they come from is a friendship city  of Campaspe Shire 5 junior high schools and Kyabram Secondary College have had the exchange program for 17 years.  We have exchanged 1300 students, teachers and parents since we started the program.

Shire of Campaspe and Shiroi City established a  friendship city relationship in February 13 1998. We welcome a delegation from Shire of Campaspe in October to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our friendship. All the residents of Shiroi City will welcome the delegation. In 2000 the group of Japanese Drummers came to participate in the torch relay for the Sydney Olympics. They played the drums in Rushworth’s main street. They were very impressed by the warm welcome

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