Pederick Gas Producer

A Pederick Gas producer has been donated to the Rushworth Museum by Mr Ray Whiteacre of Rushworth,.

Ray operated a cartage business in Rushworth for many years
This Gas producer was mounted to the front bumper bar of his Bedford truck which he used to deliver goods and fuel  in the Seymour and Rushworth Districts.  This was when fuel was in very short supply and it was rationed during World War 11.

All fuel was carted by the Victorian Railways to fuel depots, which were in all Major Country Towns it was then distributed to Service station, farm’s and essential services, by cartage contractors.

The Gas Producer which burnt Charcoal to produced a gas which was enough to run the truck, the motor would be started on petrol and when there was enough gas it would be switched over to the gas supply. Once the charcoal was burnt the driver was required to stop and refill the hopper with fresh charcoal and start all over again.

Ray told me that the Charcoal which was made from the Rushworth Ironbark timber, was a much better quality then the charcoal produced from Red Gum Timber.

With the rising price of fuel today, maybe we may have to convert back to the old gas Producers??

Ray convened on to me a story that when he drove his Truck into the Fuel depot in Seymour he was required to leave his tobacco and matches at the gate, But his Gas producer would be operating near red hot he said it was lucky that Seymour was not blown off the map if the fuel stored at the depot was ignited..

Attached is a Operators instruction on how the Gas producer was operated.

So next time you are near the Museum why not call in and view the Pederick Gas Producer

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4 Responses to Pederick Gas Producer

  1. Peter Watson says:

    my Dad had one of these gas producers on our car (about 1945-1948). Do you have any photos of yours ?

    • Yes Peter the Museum has got on eof these very rare gas producers and will sent you photos in 3 weeks time at present i,am not at home and have some stories about the one the Museum has . Cheers George Gemmill

      • Peter Watson says:

        Thanks George. I will look forward to receiving the photos. I actually have some movie footage of our old Chev leaving our driveway with the gas producer mounted on the back. It’s on digital footage, so I can copy the appropriate piece for you if you would like it. I’m in Western Australia, and I had an idea that these may have been manufactured by Pederick Engineering in Wagin (WA).
        cheers Peter

      • Peter can you please contact me by email to
        .have photos for you .George

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