Operation manual of Pederick Gas Producer

The operation of the Pederick Gas Producer is far more simple than the average motorist imagines. Assuming the Producer is filled with charcoal and the cleaners are in order, this is all there is to do to start and run the vehicle on gas.

1.  Start the motor on petrol and let it idle.

2.  Pull out the gas valve on the dash.

3.  Unscrew lighting plug from Generator.

4.  Remove lighting taper from small can attached to unit (it is part of the cap) light it and hold it to the charcoal through the opening made by removing the plug and the suction from the engine draws the flame in and lights the charcoal instantly.

5.  Replace plug and drive away on petrol.

6.  Open the air valve slightly.

7.  Place your foot on both petrol and gas accelerators together and in about one mile you will feel the gas coming through. You then drive on gas only, adjusting the air valve to get best mixture. If out of the city you can turn petrol right off, by special tap if fitted, and adjust water drip to about 50 drops per minute for continuous running.

8.  When stopping there will be no need to light the charcoal again unless the engine is stopped for more than about four hours. In re-starting after a stop, do so on petrol and again use both accelerators and gas will come through again in anything from 100 yards to about half a mile, depending upon how long the engine has been stopped.

  1. Water Drip Tap.
  2. Manual Water Control.
  3. Air Inlets.
  4. Flame Traps.
  5. Lighting Plugs.
  6. Bottom Lid and Clamp.
  7. Filling Lid and Clamp.
  8. Cleaning Plug.
  9. Gas Outlet.
  10. Primary Cleaning Port and Plug.
  11. Gas Line.
  12. Gas Elbow Cleaning Port and Plug.
  13. Oil Reservoir.
  14. Cleaning Port and Cover.
  15. Oil Level Tap.
  16. Sisal Support Disc.
  17. Sisal Holding Down Disc.
  18. Lid and Clamp.
  19. Self-Draining Elbow.
  20. Sisal Support Disc.
  21. Cleaning Port and Cover.
  22. Sisal.
  23. 7 1/2 in. Diameter Hessian and Felt.
  24. Wood Wool.
  25. 9 1/2 in. Diameter Hessian and Felt.
  26. Holding Down Clips.
  27. Sisal and Wood Wool.
  28. Air Space.
  29. Security Filter Cage and Felt Sock.
  30. Holding Down Screws.
  31. Lid Clamp.

This is all there is to do other than to fill up with charcoal as required. Do not let the fuel, in the fire box, get below the halfway mark or overheating may result. Systematically attend to the cleaners as outlined in the Pederick Manual.

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