A very early Washing Machine

Latest additions at Museum.

Thanks to Laurie and Margaret Allen for their kind donation of these two items

First is a Electosonic Washing Machine one of the  first 32 volt  Electric Washing machines to  be manufactured  in Melbourne by Excell Jones & Co Pty Ltd Pat App No 32787

In the early 1950;s  most houses had outside wash-houses {laundryies were for posh people} with either a wood or electric copper to boil up the clothes.

Next to the copper would stand  twin tub concrete troughs , in one trough for hot water, clothes and soap would be arranged around this machine and when switched on, it would produce gentle ripples in the water which was intended to dislodge the dirt from the soiled clothes with actually moving the them, hence no wear and tear.

The Rotody was place in the next trough and it was a water powered device.

Clothes were lifted from the washer using a pot-stick,and placed in the rotodry.

A hose from the tap fed water through a jet onto teeth on the underside of the rotor causing the rotor to spin fast enough to remove most of the water.

No need for a wringer

The Rotodry was Made in North Melbourne By Rotordry Products Pat15203 Phone FJ 6754.

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