Rushworth Museum

 For the Months of February and March the Rushworth Museum was closed due to the interior of the museum being repaired and painted, it was repainted in heritage colours and cracks in the plaster were repaired.
For this to take place many voluntary hours of labour was willing donated, as all the items had to be wrapped up and moved while the tradesmen did the painting.
Then all these items were cleaned and replaced back on display – all this work sure gives the Museum a bright and clean look.
This was a great team effort and the committee were very  pleased to have the Museum reopened again at Easter in time for the  Rushworth Easter Fair and Street Parade which attracted many visitors to the Town.
The Committee would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who willingly gave up their time to help with this project – it was a wonderful team effort.
So now is a good time to pay a visit to the Museum and inspect the many old and interesting item which the Museum has on display, for just a gold coin donation  I,m sure you will enjoy your visit.
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