The Rushworth Museum

The Rushworth Museum
Mechanics Institute – High Street Rushworth
Victoria 3612
Open: 10am-12pm Saturdays.
11am-3pm Sundays.
Preserving our local history.
The Rushworth and District Historical and
Preservation Society.
Victoria 3612.
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1 Response to The Rushworth Museum

  1. Daryl Hitchcock says:

    Congratulations on your Web site I found it very interesting as I was born in Rushworth and
    Worked in the forest from 1960 to 1970 with my farther (Maurice and Brother Murray)
    I left Rushworth in the early 70s and now live in Cobram.
    Keep up the good work.I have very fond memories of Rushworth.
    Regards. Daryl. Hitchcock

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